Saturday, March 1, 2014

60 of my 1001 days are done - how'd I do?

Happy March! It's crazy to think that 60 days ago, we were all aglow in the light of the new year.

Welp, January and February have come and gone, dumped a ton of snow on us in the meantime, and then high-tailed it out of here. I'm always happy February is the shortest month.

Anyways - if you may recall, I published my 101 Things in 1001 Days list the first week I started this blog and since time is just flying by, I decided to do a 60-day checkin with it.

Here are the few things I have completed:

2. Inspire someone else to write their own 101 in 1001 list. This actually happened a few days after I posted it originally, but I never got a chance to make a comment about it. So, yay! One down.
20. Figure out what my go-to 'I can make that!' food dish is. I call it 'chicken marsala lite' and I love it. 
26. Run a 7 minute mile. Getting there! Currently at a 9 minute mile.
42. Not stress over the little things as much. This is a big one for me. I'm getting better at dividing stress between what I can control (like, studying for an exam - want to not worry about a big test? Study for it.) and what I can't (my grade once I turn that exam in.) There comes a point you just have to succumb to the possibility you cannot fix everything. 
78. Befriend strangers on the floor of my building. Fire alarms can really bring people together. 
93. Create a header image for this website. I'm in love with the one I have now! It was so easy to make but I went through like, ten different fonts before settling on this one.

Alright, six down, 95 to go! And 1005 days to it. Looking back down, I'm realizing lots of these events will be determined on my location for the summer, where I end up after graduating in December, etc. But I'm excited about the progress - maybe I'll make a post every 3 months or so updated everyone (read: me) on what I've accomplished.

Thinking back too, I've done a lot that isn't on this list, like, kick boxing, or, go to the hospital for the stupidest reason ever (did you know ring cutters are very handy tools to have if you ever get a ring stuck on your finger at 2AM? Me neither. But, luckily hospitals do!)

Once again, thanks to Mackenzie Horan for the inspiration for the 101/1001 list! I can just tell it's going to be a lot of fun to complete.

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